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20 Ways to Improve Your Riding:

1. Commute by bike
2. Know your gear ratios
3. Use your front brake as primary brake
4. In wet weather, allow more distance for stopping
5. Wear quality sunglasses
6. Eat on long rides (you can't just drink)
7. Never experiment with foods on important rides
8. Don't listen to your sensation of thirst - you'll get behind on water intake
9. Change your hand position frequently on the handlebar
10. Don't train too hard in the beginning of a training plan
11. Don't ride only once a week
12. Look for signals of over training
13. Keep a training diary
14. For climbing a long, steep hill, begin by using a lower gear than you think you need
15. Keep your bike clean (including tires)
16. Set goals
17. Vary your rides (distances, speeds, sprints, hill climbs, etc.)
18. Check you pulse rate
19. Increase pedal efficiency by using a higher cadence (when in doubt, 90 out is the old quote for 90 rpm when pedaling)