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Updated: 1 day 4 hours ago

New email form for the Bicyclist Safety Act, use it now!

Wed, 01/20/2021 - 11:22

Our friends and peers at the League of American Bicyclists have offered this simple email platform to use to email your Senators and Delegates. Click the image below.

Email early and share often!

Click to be directed to the email action service. It’s best if you customize your message before sending. Tell a very brief personal story to make your testimony seem real and genuine.


January 19 bike bills update / Bicyclist Safety Act / General Assembly

Tue, 01/19/2021 - 14:01

New co-patrons

We are working with anticipation as the Bicyclist Safety Act is gaining momentum ahead of its first committee meetings. As supportive messages are starting to trickle in, we have gotten new co-patrons for each bill. This shows that leadership in each house has taken notice of the BSA and folks are joining on for the effort.

Senator Morrissey’s bill, SB1263, is now co-patroned by Senator Boysko and Delegate Rasoul.

Delegate Hurst’s bill, HB2262, is no co-patroned by Senator Surovell and Delegates Hudson and Simonds.


Changes to committees and meeting times

There are a lot of conflicting times advertised for meetings on various web pages, so we are doing our best to track these for you. The House Motor Vehicles subcommittee, where the house bill is assigned, now meets earlier in the day than last year. Monday’s meeting this week was at 11am instead of 4pm – adjust your schedules accordingly and we will keep an eye on future dockets to ensure 11am is the consistent time.

Also of note, there are some changes to committee assignments. Senator Stanley from Glade Hill is replacing Senator Pillion from Abingdon on Senate Transportation, so make sure we’re getting our information and support to his office.


Upcoming meetings

These bills are not yet docketed at the time of this writing, but we are expecting them to go to their first committee meetings as follows:

Thursday 1/21 – Senate Transportation Committee

Monday 1/25 – House Motor Vehicle Subcommittee

Get your emails and calls into their offices the day before the meeting for best effect.


Supporters for the bills:

  • City of Richmond supports the Safety Stop
  • City of Alexandria
  • Virginia Bicycling Federation
  • Sports Backers
  • Lime Mobility
  • Washington Area Bicyclist Association
  • Piedmont Environmental Council
  • Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition
  • Urban Cycling Group
  • All four Virginia chapters of Families for Safe Streets
    • Richmond, Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax
  • Bike Norfolk
  • Virginia Cycling Association
  • New River Valley Bicycling Association
  • Fairfax Alliance for Better Bicycling
  • Active Prince William
  • Peninsula Bicycling Association
  • Abingdon Cycling Inc
  • Tidewater Trails Alliance
  • Bike Walk Hanover
  • Downtown Norfolk
  • SAW Youth Mountain Bike Club
  • Sustainable Mobility for Arlington County
  • 16+ Virginia-based businesses
  • Over 240 individual signatories

(Want to be added to the list? let us know!)

And here’s another serious reminder to get those emails in and to share VBF’s landing page and social media posts! This literally can’t happen without you and yours weighing in to make biking safer and more enjoyable for all Virginians.


Have any questions or comments? Shoot me a note at Brantley dot tyndall at gmail dot com

Bike-Related Bills in the 2021 Virginia General Assembly (Updated Regularly)

Thu, 01/14/2021 - 15:34

The Virginia General Assembly is now a full day in, and we have a bill in each chamber for the Bicyclist Safety Act! There are stringent bill limits and the session will be incredibly short, so time is of the essence to support this ambitious and awesome set of bills. Here is an FAQ about the three elements of the bills – familiarize yourself with it. There are compelling safety numbers, quotes from State Police, and useful visuals.

Note – because the session is totally virtual for lobbyists and members of the public, providing testimony is harder than ever. Meetings are short, virtual feels very impersonal, and public comment periods are brief and impacted by technical glitches. We are adapting our advocacy to be out of the box to have the best chance to reach legislators with your quotes and support.

HB2262 – Delegate Hurst / Blacksburg – This bill is assigned to Motor Vehicle subcommittee of the House Transportation committee – it meets Mondays at 11am. Probably January 25th!

SB1263 – Senator Morrissey / Petersburg – Reported from Senate Transportation Committee on Thursday January 21, now headed to the full Senate for a vote.

How can you help?

  1. Fill out the following Google Form.
  2. Share this post on your social media, with your clubs, groups, bike shops, friends and family.
  3. Email your Senator and Delegate with a personal note. Here’s how to find who that is:
  4. Follow VBF Facebook and Twitter for immediate information and calls to action.

Some other bills we are tracking:

  • Budget line item for $5mil for long multi-use trails, working with Virginia Trails Alliance
  • HB1903 – Carr/ Richmond – Authorize localities to lower speed limits in Residential/Business Districts (1/14/21 Reported unanimously 22-0 from full House Transportation Committee)